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The Parish Council maintains a busy programme of maintenance and improvement work in the village.  

One of our main concerns is to make the busy main traffic routes through the village safer for everyone, by introducing speed control measures and  taking what steps we can to reduce the volumes of heavy freight traffic.  Details of this Traffic Calming work are here.  This is an ongoing programme that started in 2017, and is expected to continue for some time to come.

Linked to this is work is protecting the village infrastructure from vehicle damage.  The main tool here is installing additional kerbing and we have recently increased kerbing heights at the corners of the Green.  Kerbing is also being installed at other locations in the village and this programme is expected to continue.

Another major activity is tree maintenance.  A register of all trees in the village on public land has been drawn up and a regular schedule of maintenance work developed.  We are also focussing on maintaining the verges, with particular focus on the historic sunken lanes.

In the Autumn of each year, a programme of work is developed for the following financial year.  This is subject to a financial assessment and annual budget that is developed each December.

The programme and budget for 2021/22 has been recently published.