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Traffic Calming


The Parish Council is engaged in an ongoing campaign to improve traffic conditions on the main routes through the village.

The issues of concern are speeding, the number of heavy freight vehicles, the safety of the multiple junction at the Horse Chestnut tree and damage to roadside infrastructure.

Some improvements have been made to signage and road markings, both at the entries to the village and at the main junction.  These include new/refurbished gates at the speed limit signs on all routes, dragons teeth markings at the same locations, removal of road centre lines on Crendon and Aylesbury Roads (so far as allowed), addition of solid white edge lines on those roads and replacement of large ungainly directions signs in the village centre with more traditional pointer style signs.

The objective of these measures is to:

  • reduce the speed of vehicles entering the village by emphasising the boundary between the open route and the village environment, and
  • improve visual amenity through use of appropriate rural signage within the village and reduction of roadside clutter.  

Work is also in hand to address safety issues at the main junction.  A study of options was carried out in 2019 and the PC is now working with Buckinghamshire Council, both Transport for Bucks and the new Haddenham and Waddesdon Community Board, to  investigate operational and financing options for making the required changes.

The PC also continues to participated in the Buckinghamshire Council Freight Strategy follow up work through various working groups with the aim of reducing heavy traffic through the village, This work is informed by freight traffic surveys carried out in the village in 2016 and July 2020.  Speed surveys have also been carried out recently to support our lobbying on that issue.

More detail of these various initiatives is available in the selection of documents below.

Traffic Surveys 2016

Traffic Surveys 2020

Traffic Calming Feasibility Study 2017

Bucks County Council Freight Strategy

HCI Junction Options Study Report

HCI Junction Way Forward