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Parish Council Meetings

Since March 2020, the Parish Council has been holding its monthly meetings on Zoom, with public attendance made available via a live stream on YouTube.  The Emergency powers taken out by the Government that enabled this arrangement have not been fully renewed, with the effect that from 7 May remote Council meetings are no longer allowed and the Council will once more resume its normal meeting arrangements.

Details of how this will be arranged whilst ensuring public safety in accordance with COVID-19 advice will be published as soon as possible.


Chearsley Good Neighbour (CGN) scheme

The Chearsley Good Neighbour scheme, run by Susan Olding, has been providing assistance since April 2020 to village residents who have experienced difficulties caused by the pandemic.

In an open letter of 10th March to the village, Susan announced that the scheme would be ending on 12 April, one of the milestone dates in the Government's 'unlock' programme.   She has however indicated a willingness to re-open the scheme next winter if it proves necessary.

Susan and her band of volunteers have done a superb job with CGN over the last very difficult 12 months.
On behalf of the whole village the Parish Council extends to them our most sincere and warmest thanks. 


Buckinghamshire Council updates

Buckinghamshire Council has been providing regular updates on the pandemic since it started in March 2020.  The most recent are available here:

1 April 2021

17 March 2021

25 February 2021

17 February 2021


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