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All Parish Councils are funded through the Council Tax by means of a Parish Precept, which is set annually by each Council.

Up to 2015, Chearsley Parish Council had traditionally maintained its Precept at one of the lowest levels in Buckinghamshire.  This allowed the Council to tick over and undertake minor care and maintenance activity but did not provide funds for significant maintenance or improvement to village infrastructure.  In 2016, the Council changed this policy with a significant Precept increase to enable it to start tackling a backlog of essential works.  This approach has been maintained in subsequent years and has enabled the Council to make significant improvements to the village environment.

The Parish Precept is a small part of the total Council Tax paid by each household and is spent entirely for the benefit of Chearsley residents, maintaining and improving our historic village as an attractive place to live. 

The  amounts of the Parish Precept, the resultant Chearsley element of Council Tax and the total Council Tax paid by a Band D household are shown below. 

Households in Bands A to C pay less, and in Bands E-H more, according to a nationally applied formula.


Chearsley Parish Council Precept