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Election 21


Elections for Buckinghamshire Council were held on 6th May this year.  These elections were originally scheduled for May 2019 but were postponed for 12 months due to planning for the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council, then further postponed last year due to the pandemic. 

Elections were also scheduled for Chearsley Parish Council but only six nominations were received to fill the seven available Councillor places.  Those six people were therefore automatically elected unopposed as Councillors, and the seventh place was filled by the elected Councillors co-opting a member at the Council AGM on 17th May.  Also at the AGM, Nic Brown was elected Chair, and John Lewis Vice Chair.

The new Councillors are Nic Brown, John Lewis, Paul Bown, Angela Grey, Ian Houseman, Keith Turnbull and Julia Witcher.