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Chearsley Parish Council



Parish Councils are funded through the Council Tax by means of a local ‘precept’, which is set annually by each PC.

Up to 2015, Chearsley Parish Council had traditionally maintained its ‘precept’ at one of the lowest levels in Buckinghamshire.  This allowed the PC to tick over and undertake minor ‘care and maintenance’ activity but did not provide funds for properly maintaining and improving the village infrastructure.

During 2016/17, the PC decided that this was not a viable long term approach and decided it was prudent to increase the precept in order to start carrying out an essential backlog of works.  The precept for that year was accordingly increased to £16,000.

For the year 2017/18, the PC took a decision to further increase the precept to £32,000, in order to continue the programme of improvements, a large part of which addressed much need traffic calming measures on the main traffic route through the village, as well as to build up reserves in anticipation of declining resources available from central government as part of a ‘devolution’ process.  This level of precept equates to around £2 per week for an average (Band D) household.

For 2018/19, activity is planned to continue at the same high level, again focussing largely on traffic calming measures.  A small increase in precept to £34,000 was set following public discussion and agreement at the Council's January 18 budget setting meeting.